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Tips To Choose The Best Student Accommodation

You have studied hard and finally succeeded in joining the university. This is a completely new life you are about to begin. This may be the first time you may be away from your parents and start living alone. You need to look for accommodation that will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable stay as you start your new life. Here are what to look forward when staying at a Hobart accommodation.

Check provisions

The most important thing to check out is the provisions in the accommodation facility. It is wise to go for a student accommodation that provides essential facilities and amenities. Check out the appliances provided. As you compare the various accommodations, you realise that they differ in the appliances and facilities provided. Some of the facilities you can check out include microwave, kettle, microwave, and others. You should also consider the things you will need to buy.

Price of the accommodation

As a student, you are not earning, so you need to get accommodation charging a fair price. You already have a lot of expenses to cater for, including your tuition fees. Thus, you should look for an accommodation facility that will not strain your parent’s budget. Student accommodations do not charge a similar price. The price differs in terms of amenities, appliances, and other facilities offered. The price also differs depending on the location of the university you are attending. Compare the price and check out the one charging a price you can afford comfortably.


You want to stay in a student accommodation that is good-looking. So, as you search, make sure that you get an appealing one. You should check out the d├ęcor. You may not be able to put the picture on the wall, but there are various ways you can showcase your personality. You need to get student accommodation with the right size of bed and attractive pieces of furniture. Look for a room with good paintings and designed in an aesthetically pleasing way. Some of the other things you can consider include plants, lamps, wall tapestries, and fairy lights.

Do you want to stay alone or with your course-mates?

It is important to ask yourself this question before you can start searching for the best student accommodation for you. You should decide whether you want to stay alone or as a group. One thing to know is that if you want to stay alone, you need to have a good budget. However, when you stay with your course mates, it means that you can share the cost. Here the choice you make is determined by your budget and also personality. If you are the kind of person who likes observing high-level privacy, living alone is the best option.


For convenience purposes, you need to stay in an accommodation situated closes to the university. This ensures you do not waste a lot of time and money as you move from and to the university. This also ensures that you do not tire and fail to focus on your studies.